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There are plenty of hosting services out there so how do you figure out which hosting service is right for you? By determining the bandwidth, storage, support, and overall quality your website will need and comparing it to the different hosting options featured in this post.

Which WordPress Hosting Service Is Right For You?

Many people have no idea what to expect when working with a brand and web designer which is why I’m providing an in-depth look into Kenzi Green Design’s branding and website design process. My process is strategically designed to help formulate brands that attract dream clients, accurately reflect business values, and produce websites that convert visitors into customers.

In-Depth Look at My Branding and Web Design Process

When I started my business I was attracting the wrong clients and undervaluing my work but over time I found my niche, realigned my own branding and went from charging $75 to booking $4,000 projects. Branding is the sole reason I was able to turn my design business into a sustainable thriving full time job.

How Branding Changed My Life

Your brand can make or break your business so when hiring a brand designer you’ll obviously want them to be the perfect fit not only in terms of skill set but personality too. So how do you find the perfect brand designer?

How to Find The Best Brand Designer For Your Business

So many people make the mistake of trying to master a different trade—like content writing, branding, graphic design and the like—in order to avoid hiring a specialist to take care of a specific task but this isn’t efficient for a business.

Guest Post: The real cost of DIY’D website copy