In-Depth Look at My Branding and Web Design Process

How Kenzi Green Design creates beautiful brands and websites

I recently added a process section to my services page and I’d like to break down exactly what that process entails because many people have absolutely no idea what to expect when working with a designer. Although many designers have different processes, mine is strategically designed to help formulate brands that attract dream clients, accurately reflect business values, and produce websites that convert visitors into customers.

Branding Process Kenzi Green Design


Website Redesign_Discovery.jpg

This phase establishes the foundation of our entire project. It gives me the insight needed to understand your business, narrow down your target market, and understand how we can efficiently work together to produce a brand that attracts your dream clients.

Strategy Call – This is also many times considered the intro call and is when we discuss your history, current business goals, current branding, and gather valuable insight on the clients you want to work with.
Market Research – During this time you’ll thoughtfully curate a Pinterest mood board using color palettes, logos, photography, and anything else inspirational. I use this Pinterest mood board to support my research surrounding your industry, competition, and dream clients.
Project Overview – This is when you’ll be invited into our project inside of my project management system, Asana. It outlines due dates, deliverables, investments, and provides all the necessary links to important information. It’s also where all communication is handled for the remainder of our project.

Website Redesign_Design.jpg


The fun part! You’ll sit back while I do all the sketching, strategizing, and digitizing until I need your feedback.

Concept – Once I’ve finished developing your brand identity based on my research and your mood board, you’ll receive a link to your brand identity concept presentation. During the presentation I take you through a slideshow discussing the strategy behind each of your brand elements, fonts, and colors.
Refinements – All of my projects include 3 refinements but in most cases clients only have 1 refinement request, if any at all. Refinements are determined based on structured feedback questions I leave inside of Asana for you to fill out.
Collaboration – This describes the overall communication and collaborative ideas developed between the both of us while working together. This exact process is repeated for website design until everything is suited to your liking and ready for the next phase, launch.

Website Redesign_Launch.jpg


Hooray! During this phase all final brand files are handed over including your two launch graphics. You also go through a short off-boarding process which includes paying any last installments and providing feedback for me.

Graphics – I prepare two launch graphics featuring your new brand & custom site!
Training Session – All of my website builds include a 1 hour training session conducted over the phone. I provide this training session because I believe you should walk away confident you can blog, sell products, make small design tweaks, and maintain your website without the assistance of a designer.
Off Boarding – You’ll pay your final installment and provide feedback for me as well as leave a review (if you feel I deserve it of course)!

Hopefully this has given you some valuable insight as to what it’s like to work with a professional designer! Please feel free to reach out with any further questions, I’m currently booking for February & March of 2020 so if a branding project is in your near future let’s get started with a strategy call today ↠

February 4, 2020

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