Kenzi Green Design was founded in 2018 to support business owners on their entrepreneurial journey and help find their unique brand positioning in the market.

about kenzi, your brand & web designer

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Hey, I'm Kenzi

brand & web design is a form of visual communication and it should tell your unique brand story.

My services are designed to not only help you share your unique perspective with the world but attract your dream clients, build a brand that leaves people speechless, stand out in the market, and grow a thriving business.

Since starting Kenzi Green Design I've had the pleasure of working alongside 300 + creative business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-ups from all over the world to develop their custom brand and website.

more about me...

• In 2019 I graduated valedictorian with a bachelor's degree in Interactive Media Design

• I have 14 pet chickens and a chicken merchandise brand on the side so I understand both the service & product industry

• I'm a one woman show with occasional assistance from a junior designer & co-founder of a Design Business Academy

• I've spoken both in person and virtually at numerous colleges about design

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