How Branding Changed My Life

How Branding Changed My Life #brandidentity #branddesigner #branding101

I know what you’re thinking “Kenzi, I know branding is important but is it really so important that it can change my life?” and the short answer is, YES.

Branding can literally make or break your business and your business is a huge part of your life, I mean it’s how you make a living. I know that statement doesn’t really tell you much which is why I’m going to share my own personal story about the life changing transformation I experienced because of branding.

Let’s back up to early 2018, I had just started freelancing and had no clue what “branding” was. I was charging $75 for logo design and spending 6 plus hours working on them to ensure my clients were happy.

Actual photo of one of my first ever logo designs ↠

Salon Logo Design #logodesign #businesscards #repeatpattern

Now if you know anything about business then you know you can’t make a sustainable living from $75 logo designs and at the time I was thinking to myself “how am I gonna make this work???”.

It took me more than a year of observing other designers, finding my own style through posting on instagram, creating concept projects, and discovering the definition of the word branding to figure out the problem with my business… I didn’t have a brand.

↡ My Instagram Evolution ↡


Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 8.48.22 PM.png


Instagram Evolution


Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 9.14.11 PM.png

I DID have a logo, social media, and website but that’s not a brand.

I realized I needed to rebrand myself and answer all the questions like:

  • Who is my target audience?

  • What should I be charging?

  • What kind of projects do I enjoy?

  • What are my strengths?

  • How am I going to stand out?

  • What should my portfolio look like?


Kenzi Green Design’s 1st Ever Logo

The list of questions I had as a new designer went on and on. I came to find that I never answered these crucial pieces about my business from the start so I wasn’t sharing a clear message with my audience and I also didn’t appear to be an expert within my industry. This was preventing me from targeting my dream clients, charging thousands of dollars, and building a brand that actually stood out.

Once I got clear about these things, invested in my own branding, and started to clearly communicate my message through my website as well as social media, BOY did things change and they changed FAST.

Within a few months not only was I charging prices I had dreamed about but I was working on projects I actually enjoyed! Clients were coming to me for my expertise and I was standing out on social media.

This rapid growth allowed me to take my design business full time, graduate self employed, move into a house, and work fully remote from my little in home design studio.

If I had not discovered branding and took the time, resources, and energy required to professionally invest in my brand, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you guys right now. Think about that.

This life changing transformation I experienced is the very reason I believe so strongly in what I do.

When entrepreneurs come to me feeling lost about their business because they aren’t attracting the right kind of customers, are struggling to make ends meet, and just feel like another “option” within their industry, I know exactly what their true problem is.

It isn’t that they aren’t offering enough products.

It isn’t that they aren’t posting enough.

It isn’t that they’re too expensive.

It isn’t that there is too much competition.

It’s that they need to invest in their brand.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues as an entrepreneur, let’s chat about your brand.

If you’re a designer in the same place I was a few years ago, let’s talk mentorship.

~ Kenzi

January 22, 2020

  1. Emily says:

    Branding is so important! It’s the best way to distinguish yourself from everyone else and let your potential followers and customers know exactly who you are!

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