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As appealing as freelance marketplaces might seem they may not be the best choice to source that “logo design” for your business and the freelancers creating them are often underpaid and overworked. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t use freelance marketplaces ↠

Why You Shouldn’t Use Freelance Marketplaces Like Fiverr

You just launched the blog you’ve been working on for months BUT wait, you’ve got a notification about a plugin update, instead of ignoring it here’s what to do to keep your site healthy and secure ↠

How To Keep Your WordPress Website Up To Date And Secure

My online design business definitely didn’t become a success overnight but there are key things I did to make it explode with time. Keep reading to find out what they were!

5 Things I Did To Explode My Online Design Business

No body likes a slow website and they aren’t good for business so here are 7 easy ways to speed up your website! **Speeding up your site also helps increase website traffic and reduce your bounce rate.**

7 Ways To Speed Up Your Website

For some of us this “uncertainty” the whole world is feeling right now is totally normal but for others who have always relied on a stable 9-5 for income, this is a time of fear & panic. As part of the creative freelance community I feel it’s my job to provide a helpful resource during this time just as many others have already done, so here is a list of my favorite places to find remote work.

Where To Find Work During The Coronavirus