7 Things That Instantly Turn Off Potential Customers



Here’s a list of 7 things that might be turning your customers away INSTANTLY!

  1. Low Quality Photos

    High resolution on brand photos speak volumes about your business, they show you’re a professional, take the time to invest in your business, and make your product or service look as good as possible. Low quality photos don’t say any of this about your business and in some cases they may even be saying the opposite.

  2. A website only focused on selling

    Point Of View: You land on a website selling face masks but all you see is mask after mask after mask and that’s it. You land on a second website selling face masks but in addition to the masks there’s an about section, some more history behind the brand, and further details about how the masks are handmade. Who are you going to buy from? My guess is the second website.

  3. Your Brand Is lacking a purpose

    If you have an about page on your website but you don’t really discuss your “why” as a business owner, your brand might be lacking a purpose. Ask yourself, how do you want to make people feel? What drives you to do what you do? How do you serve your audience?

  4. Confusing Website

    Does your website have lots of different buttons, pages, and choices? If so, your website might be a little too complicated making it confusing for your visitors.

    On the other hand if your website is really simple, like only one or two pages, it might also be confusing to visitors because there isn’t enough context or direction. The only time your site should be this simple is when you’re utilizing a landing page or click funnels.

  5. Bad Grammar

    Are there a lot of spelling errors on your site? If so, visitors might perceive you as unprofessional or be wary of purchasing products from you because many scammers make spelling errors.

    This is also why hiring a copy writer can seriously benefit your business.

  6. unsecure site

    If you’re selling products on a site that is lacking an SSL (the https secure feature) and there is a “not secure” notification in your URL tab, people are going to be extremely uneasy about entering their payment information on your website. Not only that but google favors sites with site-wide SSL’s.

  7. Not using a custom domain

    Having a custom domain helps promote trust between your brand and consumers, it also makes you appear more professional. Not having a custom domain can sometimes be perceived as being amateur or not a “serious” business.

I hope you guys found this list helpful and be sure to follow me on TikTok for more quick business tips. If you’ve made some adjustments to your own site after reading over these, drop a comment below and let me know below!

July 16, 2020

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