5 Things I Did To Explode My Online Design Business


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My online design business definitely didn’t become a success over night but there are key things I did to make it explode with time.

  1. Picked A Niche

    I always like to say if you’re in the mood for a cupcake, you’re going to go to a cupcake shop, not FoodLion. When you pick a niche, you’re becoming the cupcake shop and we all know a cupcake from the cupcake shop is going to cost more & be of better quality than a cupcake from FoodLion.

    Picking a niche allowed me to attract my dream clients, build a brand identity I truly love, and 10x my revenue.

  2. Planned My Instagram Feed In Advance

    I’m attracted to the aesthetically pleasing, high quality, on brand instagram profiles with a balanced feed and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably the same way. You might not even realize you enjoy these kinds of profiles more but they instantly appear more professional by having that curated feed.

    Once I started planning my own feed in advance, I started noticing my community growing faster and falling in love with my own profile.

  3. Boosted My Website SEO

    Once you pick a niche boosting your SEO is easier because you know what kind of people you want to attract and what key words attract them.

    After I picked a niche I not only rebranded but went through my entire website redoing key word snippets and tags to reflect my newly defined audience.

  4. Showed Up Consistently

    You probably follow hundreds of people but I’m sure there are a few that particularly resonate with you and those same individuals are probably the ones who also show up consistently almost everyday.

    Instead of striving to only post on social media once a day I started sharing my day to day life in stories and providing more value based content. This allowed me to build a more genuine connection with the people I follow and increase my brand awareness.

  5. Streamlined My Business With Bonsai & Calendly

    Before I started utilizing Bonsai (business management tool) I was constantly emailing clients back & forth, creating way too many PDF proposals, and struggling too keep all my project documents in one spot. I was also having issues landing intro calls with potential clients because I didn’t have a call scheduler like Calendly.

    Once I invested in both of these things, I started having more intro calls, instantly felt like I stood out as a professional, was able to track all of my documents in one place, and started sending out interactive online proposals that were clear, informative, and easy to read.

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April 22, 2020

  1. Wellagin Torrefiel says:

    Great tips again Kenzi, thanks

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