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If you’re looking to DIY your own website then you’re probably going to want to stay away from this list of website builders. Although very appealing, many website builders have major downfalls!

Website Builders To Avoid in 2020

Branding and website design work together to bring in leads for your business. If you invest in a custom website but don’t have a strong brand, your website is going to struggle to get leads all on its own which is why branding is crucial to a good website.

Why Branding Is Crucial To A Good Website

Within my first 3 months on TikTok I landed one of my largest clients to date, grew to nearly 10K followers, and have connected with so many wonderful small businesses that I would’ve otherwise never found.

How TikTok Skyrocketed My Design Business

4 of the most overused Canva logo designs that you don’t want to use for your business. Canva is a popular logo choice for small businesses but Canva is not the industry standard and as a result there are various problems with Canva logos including the fact they aren’t unique to any single business alone.

4 Of The Most Overused Canva Logo Designs Of 2020

Wondering why you aren’t making sales? Here’s a list of 7 things that might be turning your customers away INSTANTLY!

7 Things That Instantly Turn Off Potential Customers