7 Ways To Speed Up Your Website


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No body likes a slow website and they aren’t good for business so here are 7 ways to speed up your website:

  1. Get A Quality Hosting Service

    Hosting services like Blue Host and Site Ground are cost efficient options but they definitely won’t give you the fastest website out there because they’re on shared hosting servers unlike WP Engine or Self Hosting with google.

    I self hosted https://theflock4you.com/ and was shocked at the difference in website load speed compared to the more common shared hosting services. It was a bit harder to setup but made a huge difference.

  2. Optimize Your Images Before Uploading Them With TINY JPG

    When building client websites I always scale down their images in photoshop and then compress them on tiny jpg before uploading them. This reduces the file size and helps keep the website speed up.

  3. Avoid Adding Unnecessary Plugins

    I hate hopping onto a WordPress websites to find 10 plus activated plugins and half of them not in use. If you don’t absolutely NEED a plugin or aren’t really utilizing it, remove it!

  4. Utilize Lazy Loading

    Lazy Loading is basically when your website only loads the section of your website a visitor is viewing at that given time instead of the entire page in bulk at once. There are plugins on WordPress for lazy loading as well as a few for SquareSpace.

  5. Delete Unwanted Pages & Content

    This is pretty straight forward, the less content your website has to load the faster it’s probably going to be! A lot of people let unused images, posts, and pages sit inside their database instead of deleting them which can really slow down a site.

  6. Change Your Slow Theme

    (Primarily relates to WordPress users) Many advanced custom themes have all sorts of features, content, and cool user experience animations but that doesn’t mean they are good themes. Often times these kinds of themes are the ones that take the longest to load and even edit which is why I highly recommend the plugin Elementor with Astra theme for WordPress users.

  7. Use a reliable Content Management System

    Some of the most reliable and popular CMS systems include WordPress, SquareSpace, and Shopify. There are many others out there but these are the most popular for a reason, they’re reliable. Some of the older CMS systems just can’t keep with today’s customization and speed of the more modern CMS systems.

    In my experience, blogger, photo biz, and zen folio need significant improvement and should be avoided.


Leave a comment below with a link to your site if you decide to implement some of these tips!
~ Kenzi

April 14, 2020

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