Where To Find Work During The Coronavirus


Where to find work during the coronavirus - Kenzi Green Design | Brand Strategist | Custom Website Designer


For some of us this “uncertainty” the whole world is feeling right now is totally normal but for others who have always relied on a stable 9-5 for income, this is a time of fear & panic. As part of the creative freelance community I feel it’s my job to provide a helpful resource during this time just as many others have already done, so here is a list of my favorite places to find remote work.

Please also note this isn’t a giant list of job boards but a very well thought out small curated list of unique spots to find remote work & list your services.

I Love Creatives Listing

  1. I love creatives

    This is a great resource for most freelancers because they have job listings as well as advertisement opportunities for people seeking work. There are jobs for social media coordinators, writers, designers, content creators, and more. You can also apply to be listed on their website as a creative, I am currently listed on their website and get a decent amount of traffic from them.

2. upwork

When I first started freelancing I got a few jobs through UpWork but haven’t found the platform to be super beneficial since then due to the enormous amount of competition however, for some industries UpWork is still a viable source of income. In recent months they’ve changed some of the standards to ensure the professionalism of their users so it’s worth checking out!

3. Robert Half Staffing Agency

Robert Half utilizes their on team marketing experts to find jobs for YOU. They don’t take commission from you but rather make a profit from the businesses seeking workers. You must apply to be represented by one of their experts and it is a bit of a process but it can really help connect you with local businesses that are having to turn to remote workers during this time of turmoil. I’ve been represented by their North Carolina branch for over a year now.

4. Creative Lady Directory

This isn’t necessarily a “job board” type site but a site where businesses go to hire. I also get a decent amount of traffic from my listing on their site but I haven’t had any leads directly from them.

Creative Lady Directory Listing

5. Dribbble

Dribbble has a job board as well as a freelance job board that’s available to pro members. You can easily create an account on dribbble but to post you must receive a dribbble invite from another designer. I personally don’t utilize Dribbble because it’s not where my target audience is but it could be quite beneficial for somebody else!

6. working nomads

A job board dedicated to working nomads! I haven’t personally used this job board before but it looks promising and there are a ton of marketing related job opportunities along with advanced coding jobs.

7. And She’s brave directory

Another great place to list your services, find creatives for hire, and just connect with others in general.

I hope this thoughtfully curated list helps provide a source of relief for some of you during this time of absolute uncertainty. Remember, we are all in this together and if we continue to support each other everything WILL be okay!

March 19, 2020

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