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Every business owner should be registered on Google My Business! It’s completely free, easy, builds your business credibility, allows you to show up on google maps, and helps increase potential leads. You can register on Google My Business even if you don’t have a physical location.

How To Register On Google My Business For Free & Why Every Business Owner Should

So many people make the mistake of trying to master a different trade—like content writing, branding, graphic design and the like—in order to avoid hiring a specialist to take care of a specific task but this isn’t efficient for a business.

Guest Post: The real cost of DIY’D website copy

The problem with small budgets… they can cost you more in the long run!

The Problem With Small Budgets

If a candidate hits all 3 of these qualities, nothing else should matter. Not their tattoos, not their piercings, hair color, gender, ethnicity, language, etc.

3 Important Qualities To Look For When Hiring

Negative influences are like bacteria. We can wash our hands to avoid getting sick but eventually we get sick… it’s inevitable.

We “brush off” lots of negative comments but even if 2% of those comments stay in our mind, overtime that 2% becomes 80% and negatively impacts our mindset.

Negative Influences Holding Your Biz Back?