Negative Influences Holding Your Biz Back?


Negative Influences Holding Your Biz Back? #selfgrowth #entrepreneurship #selflove #entrepreneurproblems


You might have a few friends or even family members that aren’t very optimistic personality wise and believe the only way to a “decent” life is working a regular job for some reputable company. So when they make comments about your biz you just brush it off… not too harmful right? WRONG.

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You can think of negative influences like bacteria.

You run into a lot of them over your life time and wash your hands to avoid getting sick BUT eventually you get sick… it’s inevitable.

So when we are constantly around these negative influences and think we “brush it off”, even if 2% of those negative influences stick around in our minds eventually all those little negative influences will build up and impact your mindset.

I’ve been impacted by negatively influences lately. It’s hard to push through and sometimes we can’t escape them especially if they’re family members.

I try to stay in my own mind but it is true, eventually you get sick & have to deal with the consequences.

So today I wanted to bring awareness to all the negative influences that might be stopping you from growing your business so you can identify them and try to better avoid them.

Parents: Parents want the best for us but they were brought up in a generation before social media even came into existence and they can’t begin to wrap their heads around it. They may be trying to divert you from following your dreams because ultimately they can’t fully comprehend what is possible in this day and age.

Religion: This is a huge one for some people and it’s really hard to avoid because religion plays a big role in life. This also goes back to parents.

Some religions tell women they shouldn’t work, tell men they must get a master’s degree, tell boys the only acceptable jobs are in medicine or financials, and ultimately dictate what people do with their lives.

Your religion may be important but it isn’t important enough to give up your dreams.

Peers: If you’re like me and still in school then you’ve probably come to realize that most of your peers don’t understand your entrepreneur journey. They might make comments about your constant working or “inexperience” BUT the thing to remember here is that if you’re doing what makes you happy & produce quality work, none of that matters.

Money: Yes, money… an object can be a negative influence. Some of us live in great fear of not having enough money which diverts us from following our dreams because it’s “risky” or not “safe”. Something that will solve this fear is The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction has helped me grow a profitable business and I suggest researching it if you aren’t familiar with the term. In a nutshell, if you believe something will happen & align your goals with that something, it WILL happen rather it be income, a thriving business, or other.

Don’t let negative influences win

April 26, 2019

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