3 Important Qualities To Look For When Hiring


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Most business owners including myself eventually have to outsource or hire extra help at some point so it’s very important to know what qualities to look for in potential candidates.

Quality Portfolio

This is number one on my list and it means more to me than experience AND education. Having a quality portfolio shows that someone is fully capable of doing the work and meeting the expected deliverables.

Why is this more important than experience and education?

Well for starters, I know people who have been in my industry for 20 plus years and lack my skill set. When people try to use “experience” as a reason they should be chosen over others, that actually raises a red flag for me. Often times people who claim to have “x years of experience” are the same ones who stopped furthering their education and have fallen behind current trends.

On top of that, some of the world’s best designers never received degrees. I also attended college with peers who had portfolios you would expect to see from someone who never invested in any form of education.


Does this person have real reviews from real people on social media? Do prior clients/customers talk about them? Do they have a professional website and solid brand presence?

All of these things show that the person you’re hiring is credible and has experience doing work in real world situations. Don’t just rely on “website testimonials” because ultimately they could’ve just made those up.


When hiring ANYONE, it’s always a good idea to video chat or meet in person to get a feel for their true personality.

It gives you a chance to get a feel for their “vibe” and discover if they have a good work ethic.

Do they show up on time? Do they follow up? Are they knowledgeable about the topics surrounding your industry? Do they ask questions?

If they aren’t asking questions or eager to discuss industry topics, it might be a sign they’re just “in it for the money” which is important but you should really strive to hire people who are truly passionate about what they do.

If a candidate hits all 3 of these qualities, nothing else should matter. Not their tattoos, not their piercings, hair color, gender, ethnicity, language, etc.

It’s very sad that I often see business owners seeking out specific types of “employees” because they think it will some how better align with their brand when all they should really be looking for is a quality portfolio, credibility, and a personality that aligns with their work ethic.

~ Kenzi

June 30, 2019

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