For some of us this “uncertainty” the whole world is feeling right now is totally normal but for others who have always relied on a stable 9-5 for income, this is a time of fear & panic. As part of the creative freelance community I feel it’s my job to provide a helpful resource during this time just as many others have already done, so here is a list of my favorite places to find remote work.

Where To Find Work During The Coronavirus

Many people have no idea what to expect when working with a brand and web designer which is why I’m providing an in-depth look into Kenzi Green Design’s branding and website design process. My process is strategically designed to help formulate brands that attract dream clients, accurately reflect business values, and produce websites that convert visitors into customers.

In-Depth Look at My Branding and Web Design Process

When I started my business I was attracting the wrong clients and undervaluing my work but over time I found my niche, realigned my own branding and went from charging $75 to booking $4,000 projects. Branding is the sole reason I was able to turn my design business into a sustainable thriving full time job.

How Branding Changed My Life

7 Amazing Christmas gifts for entrepreneurs and small business owners you need to know about!

7 Amazing Christmas Gifts For Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners!

Is Marketing More Important Than Branding? Where should you be investing your money?

Is Marketing More Important Than Branding?