Our audiences are extremely savvy when it comes to photography—they know when they’re looking at amateur photography and when they’re looking at professional work. If they see you use amateur photography to market your business, then they assume you have an amateur business. They think to themselves, “If you won’t invest money in your own business, why should I?” And you should!

It’s Time To Stop Using Stock Photography

On Friday June 14th, 2019 I graduated as Valedictorian from Living Arts College with my BA in Interactive Media Design.

Many parents encourage their children to attend college but are extremely hesitant to encourage their children to pursue a career in the creative field.

So, in this blog post I’m going to be debunking some stereotypes about the creative industry and discussing the Pros & Cons of attending art school.

Should You Go To Art School ?

Negative influences are like bacteria. We can wash our hands to avoid getting sick but eventually we get sick… it’s inevitable.

We “brush off” lots of negative comments but even if 2% of those comments stay in our mind, overtime that 2% becomes 80% and negatively impacts our mindset.

Negative Influences Holding Your Biz Back?

The Early Signs of a Nightmare Client. (It’s okay to say no to the wrong clients)

The Early Signs of a Nightmare Client

There is no such thing as a “fair” price and you should stop using the terms affordable and fair. Customers & Businesses are both affected by these terms.

No Such Thing as a “Fair” Price