It’s Time To Stop Using Stock Photography

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Stock photos are convenient for a few reasons, some being they are free, inexpensive, and readily available for when you don’t have the budget or time to take your own photo.

BUT so many people rely on stock photography the photos are becoming heavily overused, inauthentic, and aren’t unique to any one brand.

Stock photos are so popular I can almost immediately spot them on social media pages or websites and when I do, that brand doesn’t get a follow and I lose interest in learning more.


Because I like authenticity and I like seeing the true behind the scenes photos with branded photography. If you’re anything like me, you probably feel the exact same way.

When I see brands offering amazing services and great products but relying on stock photography, it’s a HUGE turn off for me. Branded photography is just as important as the actual product, service, website, or any other brand collateral.

I’d like to share a quote directly from Courtney Paige Ray, a brand photographer who was featured in my book, The Rich College Kid.


It’s vital to hire a professional photographer to create your brand photos.

Our audiences are extremely savvy when it comes to photography—they know when they’re looking at amateur photography and when they’re looking at professional work. If they see you use amateur photography to market your business, then they assume you have an amateur business. They think to themselves, “If you won’t invest money in your own business, why should I?” And you should!

Yes, it’s expensive to hire a professional, but so worth it to have photos that are unique for your business and beautifully crafted. They should give you a range of images; these are tools to prop up your business—your goal should be to create a cohesive brand across all platforms, and photography is an important step in that process.

— Courtney Paige Ray

Brand photography is what will set you apart in your industry. There’s so much noise coming at us from all directions—social media, advertising, television, magazines, etc.—that it’s easy for your business to get lost in the crowd. But! With uniquely branded photography that expresses who you are, what you do and how you do it differently, you’ll begin to separate yourself from the noise and dominate the market.

CourtneyPaigeRay Brand Photographer

Now go hire a brand photographer!

July 31, 2019

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