4 Reasons Your Social Media Posts Aren’t Converting Into Sales

Most of us spend hours creating content about our business on social media every week in an attempt to attract clients BUT what if they aren’t working at all? Here’s some reasons why this might be happening:


No body wants to hear this but simply putting your service offering on social media and listing the deliverables is not going to get you booked and busy. This may have worked years ago but nowadays people are longing for a story and most importantly they’re only consuming your content if it benefits them.

There are hundreds of service providers with similar packages, how is yours different and most importantly how does the way YOU do it benefit your clients? And, how can you share this in a storytelling format that makes your audience want to stick around?


That DIY’D Canva logo, the inconsistent instagram feed, the low quality pictures, and rotating color palette aren’t doing your brand justice.

Imagine your brand as a gourmet dish served at a fine dining restaurant. An inconsistent visual identity is like using mismatched, chipped plates, cutlery from different sets, a stained tablecloth, and serving the meal in a dimly lit room with peeling paint. No matter how exquisite the dish may be, its perceived value and appeal are significantly diminished by the presentation and environment. Just as the presentation of a meal can alter the dining experience, the visual coherence and quality of your brand’s presentation can profoundly impact its perception and effectiveness.


You might actually be making great content already but if you’re sending potential clients to a confusing website that isn’t designed for conversions, they’re never going to convert into a paying client.

Imagine you’ve written a captivating book filled with compelling stories and insights, but you’ve placed it inside a library where the organization is chaotic, the signage is unclear, and there’s no catalog to guide readers to its location. Even though your book has insane potential, it remains undiscovered and unread because the readers can’t find it amidst the disorder. Similarly, you might be producing excellent content, but if it’s housed on a confusing website, potential clients will struggle to engage with your brand and ultimately won’t convert into paying clients.


As a brand strategist I can assure you that your target audience is NOT “everyone” and if you think it is, that’s one of your biggest sales conversion issues.

Imagine you’re fishing with a goal to catch a specific, valuable type of fish. Instead of using the right bait for this fish, you cast a wide net hoping to catch anything. This approach might bring in a few fish, but the prized one you’re after won’t be among them because your strategy wasn’t targeted. In marketing, thinking your product or service is for “everyone” is like casting that wide net. You’ll miss the opportunity to directly appeal to the specific group most likely to buy from you. Focusing your efforts on a defined target audience, rather than trying to appeal to all, is key to boosting your sales conversions.

As a content creator that has grown two business accounts to 50K + followers and made social media my #1 lead generator I can tell you that you likely have really great content ideas but simply aren’t presenting them in the best way possible.

You know what you’re talking about, that’s why you started a business in the first place BUT your execution may be falling short amongst all of these other issues listed above.

This is why I’m creating a new 1:1 service, Own Your Impact.

Own your impact content creation service

I am going to help you take your existing content ideas and turn them into money making machines so that you can get back to doing more of what you love. There will be limited spots but you can get on the waitlist by clicking here!

Leave a comment letting me know which of these 4 problems resonate with you the most.

February 9, 2024

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