Why “VIP Design Days” Don’t Fit The Kenzi Green Design Standard

Design Days, also known as VIP Design Days or Intensive Design Days, are a relatively new concept in the design industry where a client hires a designer or design team for a dedicated, usually intense day or few days of work. Although this has gained popularity in recent years, this design service approach does not fit the Kenzi Green Design standard and here’s why.

The Timeline Is Too Fast Paced

My experience has shown me that truly impactful and resonant brand identities are not built in a day, but are meticulously nurtured and refined over time. VIP Design Days, although effective for certain types of projects, are inherently too fast-paced for the Kenzi Green Design work style. They compress the design process into a finite period, which can limit my ability to dive deeply into my client’s unique brand narrative, thoroughly understand their vision, and craft a design that authentically represents their business.

KGD Values Long Term Partnerships

By choosing to collaborate with my clients over multiple weeks, we have the opportunity to iterate, refine, and arrive at a final design that stands the test of time. It’s through this unhurried, relationship-focused approach that I’m able to deliver not just designs, but long-term partnerships built on understanding, trust, and shared business success.

A brand must encompass more than just a service or product. It must foster a profound emotional connection between the problem it solves and the people it serves. I pride myself on being a designer that cares deeply about my clients and their businesses. I strive to understand their long term vision and bring it to life, fostering meaningful connections between them and their audience.

My dream clients aren’t just seeking design services—they’re searching for a partnership, an ally who truly understands them and can help share their story. In this context, the concept of “VIP” design days feels impersonal and inconsistent with Kenzi Green Design core beliefs.

Quality Control

Rapid design work can sometimes lead to mistakes or oversights. A slower pace allows for careful review and refinement of designs. KGD clients often times don’t have the ability to dedicate a whole day or multiple days in a row to intense collaboration, and some prefer a process that allows them time to reflect and give feedback.

In addition, brand design is a creative process that can be mentally exhausting. Spending an entire day on one brand identity may result in diminished creativity or ideas towards the end of the project.

It is this ethos that informs my decision to forgo “VIP” design days. I choose to cultivate a design journey that is as unique, creative, and extraordinary as the brands I have the privilege of working with.

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June 6, 2023

  1. Magy says:

    Hi, Kenzi.

    I remember I once gave VIP days a try and immediately discovered it wasn’t aligned with me either. Working in a project for longer really does benefit both designer and client as creativity and ideas improve over time. I haven’t met VIPers who deliver 100% customized services either – most of the times it’s quick design from templates (brand templates, website templates) which, I’m not against for people starting their businesses using those… but I kinda feel weird about “designers” offering customizing templates instead of actually coming with new brand/web designs.

    Have you find VIP services that provide non-template results?

    This makes me wonder, do you work with one client or a few at a time to allow for slow-paced projects?

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