When Should You Hire A Brand And Web Designer?

Are you ready to invest in a brand & web designer?
Here’s a list of signs that may indicate hiring a brand & web designer is the next big step for your business.

1) Your brand isn’t attracting your ideal customers/clients

You’re getting eyes on your social media pages, traffic to your website, and are growing a following but seemingly little to no one is actually purchasing. This may indicate your brand is building awareness but not among your ideal customers.

2) You’re embarrassed of your website

You don’t feel 100% confident in sharing your website or don’t feel it stands a chance against your competition.

3) Your business isn’t cohesive

You’re constantly seeking out new brand colors, changing your logo, struggling to keep a cohesive social media feed, and don’t have a website that “flows” together like others.

4) you diy’d it all

You may have DIY’D your brand & website when starting but now you’re at a point in business where you have the budget to invest in a professional. DIYing can be a great low cost option but often times results in something that isn’t 100% original and lacks uniqueness as well as other specifics that professionals can handle with a breeze. For example, building a website with proper search engine optimization, graphics that are native vectors, and designs backed by strategy.

5) You used a logo template

You used a pre-made logo “template” or free software like Canva to design your logo. This is problematic because logos are supposed to be designed from scratch with an actual strategy, when they aren’t they don’t usually help a business get the results they’re looking for. You may also find that other business have logos nearly identical to yours with slight changes, this does not help create a memorable one of a kind appearance.

Brand designer in office

6) you don’t understand the term branding beyond a logo design

If you immediately associate the term “branding” with a logo and some colors, you are lacking a true understanding of the term branding. Many people think having a “brand” means having a logo, some fonts, and colors but it’s far more than that. If you’d like to read up more on this check out my other blog post, What It Means To Be Brandless.

7) it’s out of your wheelhouse

You know branding & web design are not your area of expertise & want to do things right the first time around. You may also want to save yourself extra time by outsourcing to a professional instead of spending hours on end attempting to build a brand & website correctly.

8) Your brand no longer reflects your business

You’ve been in business for awhile but some things have changed, you’ve grown, your services have changed, and your brand just doesn’t reflect who you are as a company anymore.

9) You’re trying to get into stores

Stores with a high level reputation have denied your company a place on the shelf because your branding isn’t up to par with the competition and their standards. Or maybe you haven’t yet attempted to get into a store but know how important having a strong brand is when it comes to your product actually being picked up off the shelf.

If any of these hit home for you, click here to schedule an intro call so we can chat about developing your brand & custom website today! 🙂

April 26, 2021

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