Marketing vs Branding Which Is More Important?

Many business owners jump straight into marketing when they launch a new business BUT those individuals might also find they’re getting little to no results from their marketing efforts if they didn’t put the proper time, energy, and research into the branding portion of their business.

That’s because branding and marketing actually work together and are equally as important.

Marketing is the thing that builds brand awareness and attracts potential customers to a business. This can be done through things like posting on social media, running ads, handing out business cards, etc. Branding is the thing that hooks those potential customers and converts them into paying customers.

Brand designer working at desk

Marketing is a huge buzz word and many people only look at the surface level of it, not many stop to ask why the surface level marketing efforts are actually effective and the reality is they are effective because of solid branding.

Branding is the thing that helps you identify who you need to be marketing to, how to create the right messaging for that audience, and identify necessary visuals that will convert that specific audience into paying customers. If you skip over branding and go straight into marketing you may end up wasting hundreds of dollars on failed marketing efforts because you haven’t adequately identified who you’re targeting or how to target them.

In my professional opinion when looking at building a long term sustainable business it’s ideal to invest in both branding and marketing for the best results possible!

March 31, 2021

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