Top 5 Common Website Mistakes You Might Be Making

After building nearly 50 websites & reviewing countless DIY’d sites I’ve seen it all. These are the top FIVE common website mistakes you might be making & how to avoid them!

  1. Missing Brand Favicon

If you aren’t familiar with your brand favicon it’s basically the cute little icon that represents your business to the left of your browser tab. This is really easy to setup in the settings of your website platform but most people overlook it and end up with a generic website platform icon. Be sure you take the time to set yours, it helps your business appear professional & on brand.

2. Broken social links

How many times have you gone to a website and clicked on the instagram icon expecting to see someone’s instagram page but instead are met with a “this url can’t be found” or end up on the social media page of something else that has nothing to do with the brand? It’s happened to me more times than I can remember and it does not help when it comes to converting sales, funneling your traffic, or appearing professional. Please CHECK YOUR SOCIAL LINKS!


If you google search your own website and the first page that pops up in the search results says “welcome to the homepage” in the description area, you need to go back and write out your page descriptions using key words for search engine optimization. Often times I find DIY’d websites have little to no SEO present which kind of defeats the purpose of a website in the first place.

4. mission statement not above the fold

When I land on your website I should be able to read a mission statement that tells me exactly what your brand does without having to scroll down the page. If you don’t have something like this at the top of your website, you need to add it ASAP. A website visitor should be able to tell exactly what you do in the first few seconds of landing on your website, if they can’t they might go elsewhere.

5. Images containing your website copy & buttons

I often see DIYers trying to get really creative with their website layout by adding multiple images, website copy, and buttons all into one header image then uploading it to their website. Although this might look cool there are some MAJOR problems with this tactic.

Google cannot read the website copy stuck inside of an image which hurts your SEO, the image also won’t be mobile responsive or legible on different screen sizes. These two things are so important when it comes to website performance so you need to be adding your website copy on the page not inside of photos!

February 1, 2021

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