Why I Stopped Offering One Off Logo Design

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When Kenzi Green Design was born my services ranged from business cards to brochures and logos. However, I quickly realized what branding was and under took the challenge of creating a full brand identity for Kenzi Green Design to better resonate with my dream clients and up my prices. Having a brand identity was a TOTAL GAME CHANGER for my business.

After I properly branded Kenzi Green Design I went from little to no clients to nailing intro calls, working with dream clients, tripling my revenue, attracting more people to my services, and started becoming an expert in my industry. I also realized I wanted my clients to experience this same dramatic success that branding brought to my own business & in order for them to experience that I knew they had to walk away with a full brand identity not just a “logo”.

A logo can’t convey an entire brand

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Your brand is your message, values, visuals, purpose, mission, and reputation as a business. A single logo all by itself cannot convey all of these things. It takes a combination of the right copy, visuals, and marketing to convey an entire brand.

That means the visual side of your brand can’t just include a one off logo, it must include an entire brand identity backed by strategy, research, and all sorts of branding elements to properly communicate the right message across multiple forms of media, stand out online, and remain cohesive.


I find many entrepreneurs hop into business with a one off logo and immediately start investing thousands into their marketing. However, getting a whole bunch of traffic to your page means absolutely nothing if the right message & visuals aren’t there to communicate with your ideal customer.

I find that businesses without a brand identity don’t convert well and end up wasting their hard earned revenue on marketing that doesn’t work instead of investing in their branding.

You need multiple variations to accommodate different mediums

How does your one off logo with a long small tagline look printed out on a letter head? Is it still legible?
Does your one off logo also work as a sticker? Can you print it out as a decal? Does it fit in your website header? Does it work on a shirt?

A one off logo cannot accomodate every single form of media that exists today which is why you need a brand identity to have versatility within your business.

One off logos lack cohesion

A one off logo design can’t translate into an entire website, social media feed, or marketing materials but a brand identity can. Having a full brand identity allows my clients to remain cohesive and on brand throughout their website, marketing collateral, social media feed, and more. A one off logo just isn’t enough for any business to consistently attract their ideal clients and remain cohesive.

So are you ready to invest in a full brand identity yet?

January 18, 2021

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