Clubhouse App | The Future of Networking in 2021

If you haven’t yet heard of Clubhouse, it’s a live drop in audio voice chatting social media platform that just got released in spring of 2020. In fact, it’s so new it’s still in beta test mode and you can only get on the app via invitation. Not only is this app the first of it’s kind and not yet open to the public but there are celebrities actively using it.


I’ve only been on the app for less than two days and already made some amazing connections with other people in my industry and potential clients. Someone on the app was signed onto a record label after presenting their music in a chat room, an industry professional made $32,000 from offering one time audits, and celebrities have been spotted forming connections with regular people.

This app isn’t about having the perfect curated profile, it’s not about filtering content, and no one cares about the “followers” you have. It’s all about chatting in real time, making genuine connections, and having authentic conversations which I think we all can agree is lacking in the online space.

Not only is this the perfect way to meet new people during a pandemic but it’s also a unique way for the online world to communicate in an unfiltered way like never before.

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how it works

Once joining the app you’ll be able to find & follow people with similar interests. Once you’ve done that your “hallway” will populate with active and upcoming conversations that the app thinks you might be interested in based on the people you’re following.

You can pop into a live chat room at anytime. Once joining a live chat room you’ll be placed in the audience and can raise your hand to come up on stage. The moderators of that specific chat room are in charge of who gets to come on stage and who can speak at any given time. That means if someone is being disrespectful, talking too much, or going off topic a moderator can mute them. If you’re in a chat room and you’d like to leave you can do so quietly without disrupting the on going conversation!

You also have the ability to create your own “clubs” and host chat rooms for your club members.

invitations and getting started

Once joining the app you’ll receive one invitation to invite someone else and no, I do not have an invitation if you’re wondering! It’s also very important that you only give out invitations to people whom you know are professional and trust worthy because your profile will forever be linked to theirs after they accept the invite.

The first chat room I entered after joining the app was a getting started chat room and it really helped me understand how to better navigate the app. Any new clubhouse members will receive a “party hat” symbol during their first 7 days on the platform so existing members know they’re new.

the future of clubhouse

Once this app officially goes public I believe it’s going to dominate the market and the sooner you join, the better! This is such an amazing place for business owners and entrepreneurs to not only form real relationships but acquire business. If you aren’t on it yet, download the app and start trying to get an invite ASAP. It should also be noted that it’s highly addictive and chat rooms can go on for hours!


December 23, 2020

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