How to Find The Best Brand Designer For Your Business


How to find the BEST brand designer for your business #branding #brandidentitydesign #branddesigner


Your brand can make or break your business so when hiring a brand designer you’ll obviously want them to be the perfect fit not only in terms of skill set but personality too.

The personality of your brand designer matters just as much as their skill set because you’ll want to be able to openly communicate with them and freely share ideas.

How to Find The best Brand Designer For Your Business

Step 1) Finding brand Designers

Brand Designer Facebook Recommendations #branddesigner #brandidentitydesigner #brandbuilding

Sourcing brand designer recommendations from Facebook groups and other social media platforms is a great way to find reliable and trust worthy designers whom already have previous history working with your acquaintances.

Doing a quick google search will also give you a few ideas for possible designers.

An alternative to both of these methods is Pinterest. Simply search for branding and web design in your industry until you find a pin you like, most of the time that pin will lead right back to the designer that created it.

Lastly, my favorite way to find designers is website footer credits! If you like to read blogs or frequently visit a website you really love, checkout the footer at the bottom of the page. You’ll most likely find a link to the original web designer’s portfolio!

Step 2) schedule intro calls

Scheduling intro calls with designers #freelancing #freelancewisdom

Pick a few brand designers that really resonate with you in terms of portfolio AND overall brand personality to schedule intro calls with.

**You can typically get an idea of someone’s brand personality by reading through their social media posts and website copy.**

During each intro call you should keep note of the topics discussed, deliverables promised, quotes, and how well each designer’s portfolio is on a scale of 1 – 10.

It’s also important to take note of any immediate red flags such as a designer showing up late to a call or not being able to provide much knowledge about his/her industry.

step 3) narrowing your choices

Brand Designer Color Palette #colorpalette #neutrals

This part is all about reflecting on your intro calls.

Who resonated with you the most? Who was extremely knowledgeable about their industry? What was the typical price range? Do you want to stay on the cheap side or do you care more about quality work? Who kept a fluid conversation going?

step 4) choosing the best brand designer

This might sound really easy to most people but once you sit down and actually look at the massive amount of portfolios that exist, sometimes it gets hard to choose “the right one”.

mood board brand design

Go through and look at all of your top choices.

Which designer has completed similar projects in the past? Who aligns with your style the most?

Sometimes it’s a matter of picking the designer that leans the most towards your industry. For example, if you run a giant corporate agency, you’ll probably want to hire the designer with a more corporate brand. If you’re a mommy blogger, you’ll probably want to hire the designer who has previous experience working with other mom bloggers (me).

step 5) don’t get scammed

It’s sad I have to talk about this but it is a very real problem in the branding and web design industry.

If someone tells you they’re going to provide an entire brand identity for $20 and everyone else has quoted anywhere above $1500, that’s clearly a red flag.

I once had someone tell me they couldn’t afford my prices and go off to hire someone else that claimed they were going to build an entire site for $50 and guess what?! They got scammed!

Seriously research your designer of choice including Facebook and google reviews to verify credibility before moving forward with a project.

Ready to find the best brand designer for your business? Schedule an intro call with Kenzi Green Design to get started on your journey!

January 7, 2020

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