The One Concept Method For Logo Design & Branding


The One Concept Method For Logo Design #logodesign #branding #oneconceptmethod


When you invest in my services you only get one logo to choose from!

Yep you read that right, one logo design.

If you don’t keep up with me on insta, one, you totally should and two that means you probably missed my story about how my first time implementing The One Concept Method was a TOTAL success!

Here at Kenzi Green Design, multiple logo options are no longer available when it comes to branding. Instead, the One Concept Method is utilized to present an entire brand identity.

I recently tested out this method on a current branding client and after presenting the initial brand concept my client’s feedback was something along the lines of “this is perfect and there is no need for any refinement”.

That has actually never happened before, in the past when I presented multiple logo options by themselves there were always at least 3 rounds of refinement.

To some of you this might sound absurd because many of us think “the more I invest, the more I should get” and many designers offer 3 to 4 logo concepts during any given project.

But, you’re actually getting more with the one concept method, more strategy and more context around your brand. It doesn’t mean you’re getting less, it’s just a different kind of more.

So what does The One Concept Method really mean?

It means being presented with one entire visual brand identity concept based around your message, services, values, and target audience.

Some brand pieces you can expect to see in The One Concept method presentation include your brand strategy, primary logo, sub logos, brand marks, highlight covers, print collateral, font system, color palette, and so much more.

One Concept Method | Kenzi Green Design | Branding

So why is this so much better than presenting 3 or 4 logo design options?

For starters, branding is much more than just a primary logo design. Branding includes your overall tone, strategy, message, and visual identity system therefore one logo design alone cannot fully express all of these things and on top of that many people who aren’t in the creative field have a hard time visualizing things without actually seeing them in context.

The One Concept Method allows the entire brand identity to be viewed together as a whole and shows the brand being used in context.

Another big reason this method is so effective is because clients are no longer forced to decide between multiple logo options, they are guided by the branding expert when presented with one full brand identity that can be refined if needed.

For comparison, when we take our papers to an accountant they don’t ask us “ok which way would you like to calculate taxes” they just do it because they know which way is best. So why do designers ask clients what logo they should use for their brand when clients are coming to them for their branding expertise.

The truth is… a branding strategist knows which logo is going to work best for any given brand and developing 2 extra mediocre concepts uses up time that could’ve been spent further developing the full brand identity system.

Lastly, this method better communicates the designer’s thought process.

With The One Concept Method I record an entire presentation going through each slide talking about why I did certain things and spend time explaining the history behind the end result. This allows my clients to gain some much needed perspective rather than trying to understand an entire brand based off of a few different logo designs with little explanation.

Designers, does this sound like something you’re ready to try? Or maybe you’re already implementing it and had a similar experience.

Entrepreneurs, are you ready to give this branding thing a try? If so, feel free to reach out & book your free intro call!

– Kenzi

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October 29, 2019

  1. Naomi Janine says:

    I knew about this method for a while now but was afraid to use it. I thought; because I always get revisions, clients don’t love it a 100%, that’s what the logo options were for. But after reading this post, and you saying you didn’t get any revisions after implementing this strategy whereas previously you did, makes me more confident! Definitely going to try this with my next client 🙂

    • Mackenzi Green says:

      Yay, I’d love to know how it goes!

      Be sure to do a thorough brand presentation when presenting your concept! I think this really "seals the deal". I recorded mine with screen time and then uploaded it to my google drive for them to review.

      Also, give the client a few days to continually review what you’ve sent them so they aren’t providing feedback on the spot! That’s also a big help.

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