Should You Display Prices on Your Website?


Should you display prices on your website? How to decide what you should do. #websitetips #businesstips #biztips


If you’re a service based business you are probably stuck deciding on whether or not to display prices on your website. Today, I’m here to take that burden off your shoulders and help you decide which is best for your brand!

If your goal is to get more clients and you are just starting, it’s probably best to keep your prices hidden… for now.


Because when you hide prices it forces people to communicate with you directly to inquire about your prices. This is a good thing when you’re starting out because it gives you the opportunity to make a memorable first impression & gives you a chance to persuade/educate potential clients on why they should choose your services over a competitors.

If you are getting over booked, receiving lots of inquires, and have a strong portfolio, it may be time to display your prices.

Displaying your prices usually weaves out the potential clients who aren’t within your budget & allows room for stronger leads.

I say “stronger leads” because these potential clients already have an idea of your budget range and are reaching out to you because they are prepared to pay what you’re worth.

Now that you’ve hopefully grasped some idea of what to do in your own situation, I would like to address some common concerns!

Less Clients but Better Services equals value #pricing #profit #roi

One of the main reasons people don’t display prices on their website is because they’re afraid they will lose business to their competitors who are cheaper.

This statement is actually true BUT it’s not a bad thing.

Those people going to your competitor because they’re cheaper are NOT your ideal clientele. Therefore, you don’t want to do business with them! We can refer to them as “price shoppers” and you only serve price shoppers if your ideal clientele is someone who only cares about “getting the job done” without regard to quality.

Another reason people don’t display prices is because they are raising prices & worried about losing current clientele.

When you are prepared to not only display your prices but raise them, you have to be prepared to lose a few of your current clients. Luckily, some clients will stay with you because they are so satisfied with your services but unfortunately those who are only around for the “best deal” will be headed out the door and that’s okay.

Once you’ve built up a strong portfolio & are ready to display your newly raised prices, you shouldn’t be worried about the current clients you will lose because once again, these clients are no longer your ideal clientele. Your ideal clientele are the ones who see value in your services & are willing to pay whatever you charge. If you lose a few clients, you’ll gain that revenue back from the new clients who are willing to pay more!

Still not sure if you should display prices on your website? Drop a comment below & we can figure it out together!

March 12, 2019

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