How To Attract Clients Without a Brick & Mortar


How to Attract Clients without a Brick & Mortar #businesstips #biztips #remotejobs #howtogetclients


Working from home is becoming more & more popular among entrepreneurs and sometimes it’s a challenge to find clients without a brick & mortar. So, today I’m discussing my favorite ways to attract clients as a remote worker!


First I’m revealing my number 1 secret weapon: Facebook Groups!

There are all sorts of Facebook Groups out there and you can definitely use them to your advantage if you identify where your target market hangs out! They may even be present in multiple types of Facebook groups. I highly recommend joining niche specific Facebook groups rather than relying solely on “local” based Facebook groups.

I also find this to be a great alternative to traditional networking, especially since my target market likes to hangout in Facebook groups.

Number 2 on the list: A website that converts + SEO

Being a remote worker, your “brick & mortar” is your website. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a professionally designed website that not only converts visitors to customers but has proper SEO to attract the right kind of visitors.

This is why I never recommend anyone “DIYing” their own website unless they are a web designer. If your products are awesome but your website is lacking in multiple areas, you’re going to be missing out on possible leads.

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Number 3: Instagram Location Tags & Instagram Influencers

If you are a remote worker but aim for local clientele, instagram is going to be a key client booster for you!

You can attract local clients by using the instagram location tag plus location relevant hashtags.

Another great way to attract local clients is by collaborating with local instagram influencers. Sometimes this can mean offering them a free product in exchange for a post or paying them to promote your product. However, for this method to be particularly beneficial you must ensure their audience would be the same type of target market interested in your service/product.

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Number 4: UpWork

UpWork is better suited for creatives who are just starting out because of it’s competitive arena & relatively low end jobs.

When I first started designing I worked on multiple projects through UpWork. The projects I worked on did not have a terrible pay rate but were no where near the pay rate I’m currently at. On some occasions I still find significant job offers through UpWork but it is very hard to get chosen for any job due to the large amount of freelancers competing on the site.

Community Over Competition

Number 5: Community OVER Competition

If you start viewing your niche as a community rather than a big competition, don’t be surprised when referrals start heading your way.

I’ve had multiple clients contact me because another web designer or branding strategist was too booked up & decided to refer their potential client to me!

It’s a great feeling knowing someone else in your field values your work just as much as their own.

I also don’t try to do every single job that comes my way. If I know I may not be the best fit for something, I send that client to another individual in my field. This creates good karma & seriously pays off in the long run!

Number 6: Be Resourceful

Being resourceful & over promoting your services are two very different things but often get jumbled together.

When someone asks for advice on a topic pertaining to your niche, provide them a valuable answer without offering your services. Instead of offering your services, simply state your job title & then provide valuable advice based on your position.

This strategy can lead to a ton of great conversations BUT know your limit. You can provide value and know where to draw the line at the same time.

This strategy doesn’t always “get you clients” but it’s a great brand builder & conversation starter!

Number 7: Confidence + Mindfulness

Understand what your client needs & be ready to provide them with a solution. Lead the conversation and ask questions while being mindful of their unique situation/project.

Often times, I’ve been chosen over other designers charging way lower than me. Out of pure curiosity & market research I sometimes ask my clients why they chose to work with me over my competition, aside from my portfolio. They usually mention something about my confidence & strategy.

When I talk to clients I explain the thought process behind branding and web design while explaining how it applies to their own unique situation.

This exact method helps not only educate potential clients but also helps them understand how my services will benefit them.

All of these strategies form great client leads but you have to remember your service/product has to be just as appealing as your strategy.

Start implementing these biz strategies ASAP !

March 5, 2019

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