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Recently I’ve started using one WordPress theme in particular for all of my client websites. It doesn’t matter if they blog or have an e-commerce site, this theme does it all!

The number one reason I’ve started using this theme is because its possibilities are limitless. By limitless I mean this theme has allowed me to create complex visual designs within minutes in which would’ve normally required a load of “behind the scenes” prep time.

The Kind Coalition Website Design #webdesign #websitetheme #wordpresstheme

The first site I ever built using this theme was The Kind Coalition.

It was a great choice not only because it’s free but because it’s also a drag & drop builder. Now usually I am not a fan of drag & drop builders but this theme exceeded my expectations.

It was super easy to learn, a breeze to setup, and it made designing…really fun (not saying it isn’t fun already).

If you don’t know code you can easily build a site using this free theme & if you do know code you are prepared to hop through all of the design loop holes!

By loop holes I’m referring to the fact that this theme has premium options but if you know html & CSS you can easily find ways to apply “premium” features to your site without actually paying for premium features.

The other reason I love this theme is because it’s compatible with ANY other theme out there. It’s compatible with any other theme because it’s actually designed as a plugin but works like a theme (crazy right)?

So far I’ve built three websites using this theme (or plugin) & the only issues I’ve noticed are very minor such as image sizes not carrying over which I was able to adjust with some simple CSS code.

This theme goes by the name ELEMENTOR!

Pros: Mobile Optimization, Drag & Drop, Free, Limitless Design Possibilities

Cons: Minor Glitches


In my opinion, this theme is a total dream & I can’t believe it’s still free! I would recommend it to anyone using WordPress.

February 26, 2019

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