The Wrong Way to Obtain Client Leads



I see it every single day… people putting their brand out there in the worst way possible. So let’s go over all the wrong ways to obtain client leads.

Wrong way to get clients

1.) PMing people without their permission

Imagine this: you post in a Facebook group asking for recommendations for a virtual assistant. Within an hour you receive 20 messages from randos you’ve never even spoken with before.

Is that going to make you want to work with them? Probably not.

Chances are you won’t even read a majority of the messages and will rely on the comment section to research your choices instead.

Unless someone specifically states “PM me” in the post, you do not pm potential clients. This will turn them away & make them feel as if you are pushing your services onto them.

Wrong way to get clients elements


If you’ve ever posted a photo in the comment section on facebook you know it takes up a large portion of the screen. Now imagine that 3x in a row from the same individual.

It is not only a nuisance for the individual that made the post but for other businesses who are commenting as well. They have to scroll past all of your work to get to the “write a comment” section & constantly have to see it if you repeat this on multiple Facebook recommendation posts.

Most businesses/brands have websites that showcase their work & services in a professional manner to avoid doing this. It’s almost always a better idea to post a link to your website on any post. If that specific individual can’t put an effort into visiting your website they are probably not someone you should strive to work with anyways.

Wrong way to get clients


Hey now, we all have our prices and our reasons BUT you should never devalue your services to get work.

I get it, desperate times call for desperate measures but if you want to build a lasting business you aren’t going to attract the right clients by offering cheap prices. Because cheap prices mean cheap clients and cheap clients certainly do not value your services or time.

If that’s who your target market is, go for it. But I know it probably isn’t. So do yourself a favor and price yourself for what you are worth.

Wrong way to get clients elements


If you are new to a Facebook group then you might want to say hi & tell everyone what you do, that is totally cool BUT when you randomly post saying “who needs a logo, who needs a virtual assistant, I’m running a deal this week, etc.” that’s when it’s too far.

It’s too far because in all honesty you look desperate. When you look desperate guess who you attract? More cheap clients. The ones who want an amazing “deal” but don’t value your time or services.

Top dollar clients are going to shy away from your business because they don’t want to work with someone that is clearly inexperienced & having no success.

Wrong way to get clients elements


You do not need to offer 10 different services to have a successful business, in fact it’s better to offer just a few or even one service. You should strive to “niche down” because you appear as an expert in your chosen field. If you offer “everything under the sun” potential clients are going to generalize you.

cookie logo design by kenzi green design

By generalize I mean if you’re going to go buy a cookie you know that grocery stores offer cookies but you also know that Insomnia Cookies specializes in the best of the best cookies. So you’re going to go to Insomnia cookies for that cookie.

This same scenario applies to the business world. If you want to be referred and remembered you can’t just offer everything and expect to get loads of work.

Sometimes offering too much can even confuse clients & turn them away because ultimately they don’t know what you do. They might see you offer photography but also virtual assistant services but ALSO offer copywriting. Which is just downright confusing because they came to you for social media management.

Niche Down to Get the Crown.

In conclusion, with the right branding you will have no problem attracting your ideal clients & obtaining leads.

January 21, 2019

  1. Ana says:

    You’re on point. Agree to each single one.

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