The Killer Mistake Your Making When Building A Brand


The Killer Mistake You're Making When Building A Brand


The mistake I see SO many individuals make that has the potential to steer customers away.

So what is that mistake?

Well, have you ever been scrolling along on facebook and notice a post with a few photos including a DIY logo & a request for opinions? There it is, that is the big mistake.

Typically DIY logos are not in your businesses best interest but neither is collecting opinions from friends. I get it, if your not a branding specialist you think “I can make a simple logo that somewhat reflects my services and call it a day all for $0”!

The fact of the matter is that branding is much more than just some clip art stuck together on a blank canvas. The other problem with this method is that your friends ARE NOT your target audience.

Your brand target audience

I see so many people give opinions on which logo is best when in reality you can’t determine which logo would work best without knowing the businesses goals, target market, services, message, and value.

Your friends are basing their choice on OPINION not FACTS. Think about it, how many times have you seen someone post a photo of a professionally made logo created by an industry expert (I am not talking about fiverr) requesting opinions? Probably little to none. This is because when you hire an industry professional they are basing your brand on research so you don’t need opinions.


November 14, 2018

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