Why You Might Need To Consider Rebranding


Why You Might Need To Consider Rebranding


Let’s say you’re a well established business that has been open for multiple years. Most of your customers have found you by word of mouth and your business is doing good but what if you could take that “good” to “great” ? When was the last time you looked at your branding materials and thought “ wow that represents us so well”? Or maybe you don’t really have any branding materials at all.

When you started your business you were on a low budget as most startups typically are, so you went with the quick & cheap $5 logo design. Obviously this can “get you by” but it’s not going to accelerate your businesses growth, it actually has the potential to slow it down.

If you don’t have proper branding customers may become confused about what you do, have a hard time identifying your business, or may perceive the wrong message.

Let’s look at the two web design examples below. Which website would you trust? If you were going to the dentist which company would you contact?

good website comparison

I bet you chose Danes Dentistry. Would you believe me if I told you both of those sites were a dentistry? You picked Danes because they have well thought out branding, a logo, and maintain brand consistency. The other site has none of those things which is why you didn’t trust them. 74% of consumers turn to social networks for guidance on purchase decisions which is why this is such a vital part of your business.  

Let’s look at another scenario, you worked with a branding specialist when you started your business but it has become outdated or just needs a refresh. As times change so does your business, your services, and market trends. Something that may have been popular in 2001 is no longer trending in 2018. A great example of successful rebranding is Apple. As you can see they have updated their branding multiple times to stay in tune with market trends. This is one of the many reasons Apple has remained one of the most successful companies in the world.

Here is one last scenario for you to think about, your brand name no longer represents your business. Did you know that Google went by the name of “BackRub” when it was first created? Did you know Datsun was the original name for Nissan? Did you know when Pepsi was first invented it was called Brad’s Drink?

All of these brand names were changed to better represent their brand and attract their ideal target audience. Rebranding is a way to redefine your goals, values, style, and so much more. It is a huge process but the outcomes are far too rewarding to pass up.


October 26, 2018

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