Best Link Tree Alternative: Make Your Own Link Tree


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Stop paying for third party software to display multiple links in your bio!!!

If you have a website you can make your own “link tree” for free & I’m going to show you exactly how to do it so let’s dive right in!


Create a new page on your website. Make sure this page is not in your menu/displayed in your main navigation. Typically by default it will not be displayed in your main navigation.

In WordPress you can add a new page from your dashboard by hovering over pages & choosing “add new”.

In SquareSpace you can add a new page by choosing the + under the “not linked” area.


Add the text & images you want to use as your links.


Link your images & text by clicking on your image, choosing the link symbol & pasting your link or by underlining your text, choosing the link symbol & pasting your link.

Do this for every image/text you want to link.


Make sure your “link tree” is mobile first meaning it looks the best on mobile devices.

In WordPress you can view & adjust settings for different screen types by clicking on the iphone/ipad symbols in the lower left while in edit mode.

In SquareSpace you can do this same thing by choosing the little arrow at the top of your page and click the iphone/ipad symbols while in edit mode.

Here’s an example of mine! You can view it live by clicking here.

I discouraged search engines from finding this page because ultimately it doesn’t need to be found organically, I’m just using it as a link tree in my insta bio!

If you followed these steps & made your own DIY Link Tree, post your link in the comments!

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June 4, 2019

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