Think the algorithm hates you? Let me show you how to make it fall in love with your content and boost your sales.

Even though I was showing up consistently 5 days a week and spending hours making my posts.

I watched someone else in my industry grow by the thousands while posting similar content and felt so defeated. I thought I was doing “everything right” and the algorithm simply hated me…

But, once I gave into my creativity and stopped comparing my journey to others…everything started to click.

My account grew by the thousands, my inbox started to fill with dream client inquiries, and social media quickly became my #1 lead generator.

Now, I'm ready to show you how to do the same.

6 years Instagram account was stagnant

Thoughts Like This Keeping You Up At Night?

"Maybe I need to invest in ads or promotions to get noticed."

"I spent hours on this and it only got 10 likes"

"I'm doing everything right, but my account isn't growing."

"It feels like the algorithm hates me."

I Know Content Creation Feels Like A Chore...

You’ve heard “show up consistently, plan your content, develop a strategy”… yet you still haven’t got the results you were promised.

Now you have this nagging voice in your head reminding you of all the things you have to check off to complete your social media content for the week and suddenly social media feels like a chore.

But, it doesn’t have to feel like this. Content creation can be fun, messy, and experimental. 

In fact, I’ve never scheduled a post in advance in my life (unless you count the list of ideas cluttered in my notes app). 

I don’t have some well developed strategy that I revise every week and I definitely don’t post every single day… yet social media is still my #1 lead generator. That’s all because I know how to make content that impacts my audience and converts into dollars.

Let me show you how to make content creation fun again and remove the pressure of “strategically showing up”.

Same Content Different Approach...250x Increase In Engagement

Emily told me she felt like she was "doing everything right" but not seeing results on social media. After explaining how to restructure one thing about her video, she reposted the same content and reached nearly a million people.

The fact of the matter is you're probably already making bomb a** content because you know what you're talking about, that's why you became a business owner in the first place.

But, if you aren't seeing the results you want it's likely because of the way you're presenting the content itself. Let's work together to restructure your existing content so that it converts into sales and gets the attention you know it deserves.

This Goes Beyond Views...

Reaching a million people might sound amazing but views are only a vanity metric. This program is about creating better content that converts into sales not views. You can reach a very small amount of people and see an insane return on revenue with the right approach to content.

The views are just a bonus.

What To Expect Inside Own Your Impact:

a 30 day 1:1 coaching service

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√ Social media profile audit delivered via loom recording

√  Step by step written scripts & critiques on 5 existing videos

√  Lifetime access to my content creation workshop

√  30 days of content coaching with me via Instagram DMs

√ Dedicated content portal via notion

The Process

Content Coaching Starts

Expect voice messages from me via Instagram and start sending content my way for feedback. Please note responses happen during business hours Monday - Friday!

Receive Profile Audit

By or before the first of the upcoming month you'll receive your official profile audit video and dedicated content portal with 5 video critiques.

Book Your Spot

There are only 5 coaching spots inside OYI every time it opens to ensure I can provide adequate attention to each client.

Instant Workshop Access

Upon booking you'll receive instant access to my content creation workshop I recommend watching!

Are You Ready To... 

learn the exact strategies I used to make social media my #1 lead generator

create more impactful video content your audience will love

feel confident as the face of your brand

grow your business using organic marketing

i'm ready

One Payment Of:

Now booking for May 1st


*only 5 spots*


Yes, it doesn't matter if you're selling products, services, or building a personal brand. My strategies, tactics, and coaching will help you create more impactful content regardless of the type of business.


It's convenient and easy to discuss video ideas via voice message within the app itself. 

No, this program is centered around building the skill of content creation. Ultimately results will vary based on your effort and willingness to implement my feedback.

I provide 5 initial video critiques with scripts for reposting. After that, you can send an unlimited amount of content to me via Instagram DMs for feedback during the 30 day period. It's completely up to you to make the most out of our time together!

No, but if you are not happy with your experience I'd love to find a solution.